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Introduction to Blue-Green Algae (an overview)

According to science, this world we live in has existed for about 4.5 billion years; spinning in space while continuously evolving, giving us life as we know it today. Suddenly, almost miraculously, something fascinating happened! Approximately 3 billion years ago, a single celled micro-organism began an incredible journey, exploding into a diverse biota of blue-green algae; commonly known today as marine or aquatic phytoplankton.

Well over 70% of our earth’s oxygen supply comes from these microscopic organisms. They possess a unique and amazing ability to utilize the energy of sunlight to drive the process of photosynthesis which in turn synthesizes oxygen…and without oxygen, life on our planet would be absolutely impossible.

Although I am using the term “blue-green algae,” (aka, chlorella and spirulina and their kin) they are actually cyanobacteria. Cyanobacteria are classified as bacteria because their genetic material is not organized in a membrane-bound nucleus. And, unlike other types of bacteria, they contain chlorophyll and use the sun as their energy source, in much the same way plants and other forms of algae and seaweed do.

So it comes as no surprise that because of blue-green algae’s evolutionary history and its longevity, a huge amount of interest and science has been directed towards aquatic phytoplankton over these past thirty to forty years. And this research is not just conducted by oceanographic and other aqua explorers. Forty years ago, when the research began, it was preliminary, mostly based on supposition and anecdotal evidence about the potential health benefits of using phytoplankton as a viable food source.

But now, the most recent findings are nothing short of incredible! Advanced molecular technology shows that these ‘plankton’, also contain an array of the most potent and powerful biological substances known to mankind; being of great benefit to our bodies as well as our earth.

Blue-green algae is unparalleled in the animal and plant kingdoms because of its biological efficiency and effectiveness, delivering the highest vitamin, mineral, and phytonutrient content per gram than almost any other substance known! These humble phytoplankton continue to amaze and inspire scientists and laypeople alike…They contain up to 60% protein by weight, compared to 22% for beef, and please keep in mind, that once beef is even slightly cooked, it contains 50% less protein leaving only 11%! Heating, frying, grilling, basically adding any high heat, even for a short amount of time, destroys almost all of the protein content found in animal and fish meats.

Another (relatively new) discovered fact, is that they are now considered a “complete” protein source; containing all nine of the essential amino acids that we cannot produce in our own bodies, and these amino acids are contained in great abundance in every single cell of these phytoplankton. Additionally they include almost every other element in the “Periodic Table of Elements;” each one in proper balance and totally bio-available to your body, almost instantly upon ingestion!

From a biological standpoint, they are the richest, most nutritionally dense food source on the planet. It’s no wonder then that people’s lives and their health have been transformed forever, when they begin supplementing with blue-green algae on a regular, daily basis!

This begs the question of why we don’t hear much about this, if only for our own health. Well, one primary reason is the harvester/producers don’t have as big a voice, lobbying power or nearly as much money, as the dairy, beef, and poultry industries have! Another reason may be that these potent micro-organisms just don’t seem as appetizing or as friendly to eat” to the modern day palate, especially when compared to most of the other things people are tempted to eat. Most people prefer their food cooked (or dead) before they eat it, even if it’s a powerful and nutritious substance that might well be the key to attaining and maintaining optimal health.

Today, some forty years later, through science and technology we’re finally discovering the truth about these “aquatic phytoplankton.” Chlorella, spirulina and other blue-green algae may just become the next “evolutionary” food, while at the same time, becoming our most effective agent for fighting disease. We currently live in a chemical world, and we’re confronted by toxins everywhere we go. Fortunately, these microscopic miracles are also known to be powerful natural detoxifiers, and purifiers; they can even eliminate radiation and heavy metal toxins from deep within our bodies, down to a cellular level.

One of the best products on the market today is E3live – a type of “wild” blue-green algae known as Aphanizomenon Flos-Aqua (AFA for short) that grows in the glacier fed Klamath Lake in Oregon, which is extremely mineral rich. E3Live, is a wild-grown, organic, USDA approved, certified kosher liquid super-food that has more blood-building, oxygen-attracting chlorophyll than any other food substance. It has every mineral, all the B vitamins including Vitamin B12 (human active) and is a complete protein. E3Live%