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Five Ancient Yoga Secrets for the ULTIMATE Beauty Treatment

Everyone wants to look and feel their best and this is only natural. The secret yoga has to offer is…You don’t have to spend a lot of time and/or money or subject yourself to painful cosmetic procedures to radiate your inherent, natural beauty. Here are five well-kept yoga secrets to help you to enjoy optimal health and beauty.

#1. Practice yoga asanas to nourish your body, mind and soul, including every gland and organ in your body, giving you youthful energy and vitality. Yoga asanas are a powerful exercise for making you stronger and more flexible, but also for enhancing your personal beauty and youthful appearance in many ways:

    • – Asana practice balances the delicate hormones that control nearly every function in your body, boosting the health of your skin and hair.
    • – Asana practice rejuvenates tired internal organs by improving blood circulation and increasing lymphatic drainage.
    • – Inverted asanas bring fresh oxygenated blood to your head and face, improving skin and muscle tone.
    • – Asana practice firms and tones your muscles, helping to keep them supple and flexible.
    • – Asana practice improves your coordination and balance, leading to graceful posture and gait.

#2. Meditation and yogic relaxation techniques give you an inner peace that is both attractive and magnetic.

Sweet smiles are always alluring, whether it’s coming from a young person or an old person, a tall person or a short person, it doesn’t matter. But stress is hard to avoid in our society and too much stress makes it difficult to feel relaxed and peaceful. Make it a point to take a time-out every day to meditate so that you may experience the inner peace that helps to transcend the stresses of modern day life. Yogic meditation is a powerful method for inducing a deep sense of inner peace and relaxation.

#3. Following a plant-based (Vegan) diet is a must for any natural beauty program.

The benefits of plant nutrients and their powers are proudly proclaimed on nearly every skin and hair care product, and for good reason. Plants are loaded with wonderful rejuvenating properties that will enhance your natural beauty and longevity. However, instead of just focusing how the power of plants work on the outside, consider the importance of nourishing your whole body from the inside. A plant-based diet keeps you feeling vibrant, young and beautiful for many years to come. Whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, legumes, and nuts and seeds, provide all the balanced nutrition you need for radiant natural beauty, and they do this without weighing you down. The ancient science of yoga also teaches that a vegetarian/vegan diet is more compassionate (Ahimsa), allowing you to care for other living beings while still caring for yourself.

#4. Drink fresh juices to nourish your body from the inside out, promoting a healthy natural glow.

There is no commercial beauty product can give you the natural radiant glow that comes from nourishing your body down to the cellular level. Freshly squeezed vegetable and fruit juices are a potent source of quality nutrition for each and every cell in your body, providing them with an ample supply of enzymes, minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. If you practice juicing regularly, you will notice significant improvement in the texture and quality of your skin and hair. Your energy will rise to new levels and you will begin to crave nourishing, wholesome foods instead of unhealthy ones. Drinking fresh juice is one of the most easiest and most effective ways to jump-start your own personal natural beauty program.

#5. Plain and simple, all-natural (and homemade) beauty products add the final touch, complimenting any natural beauty program.

Imagine spreading something on your face that you can also pack for lunch. There are tons of reasons why making your own homemade beauty recipe is smarter than splurging on a commercial product. But thankfully, even if you’re not into making your own, there are many bath and beauty products available that contain all-natural, cruelty-free (no animal testing) ingredients. These products are not only better for you, they’re better for the environment too. Many common store-bought beauty products contain chemical ingredients that are not good for you (they may even be toxic over the long term) or cause allergic reactions. So make your own or read labels and stick with the brands that emphasize natural purity and safety.

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*Rae Indigo is ERYT500.

You Too Can Apply The Ultimate Beauty Treatment


You Too Can Apply The Ultimate Beauty Treatment

Rae Indigo – Welcome

The Ultimate Beauty Treatment that boosts your sparkle from within. Rae Indigo will support you to align diet and a powerful yoga sequence, so you cultivate your radiant inner light, anytime, anywhere. The results…

  •  Fit bodies with excellent muscle tone
  •  Clear eyes
  •  Glowing skin
  •  Thick and beautiful hair
  •  Calm, clear anxiety-free mind
  •  Melts cellulite

Whether you prefer one-on-one private instruction or an immersion into the yoga lifestyle by joining this Teacher Training, Rae will show you how simple it can be to cut back on cosmetics and eliminate cosmetic procedures, such as…

  •  Facelifts
  •  Botox
  •  Liposuction
  •  Diet pills/fad diets
  •  Chemical peels

This holistic and transformative approach purifies and revitalizes you on all levels, amplifying your unique inner attractiveness, bringing grace to your body, mind and soul.

Through their certified 15 day Yoga Teacher Training and private instruction you will become the person that you’ve always dreamed you can be.

  • – One-on-one first class introductory rate is $150
  • – 5 class pack $750*
  • – Regular Drop in rate $225 per *private class (*Note: you can bring a friend, but these teachings are limited to no more than 3 people)
  • – 15 day YOGA Immersion – Teacher Training – $2950

Contact Rae: raeindigo@gmail.com

You Too Can Apply The Ultimate Beauty Treatment

Rae Indigo – Easy Pose

Ultimate Beauty Treatment – Testimonials:

* It’s difficult to put into words how the last few months have changed my life. After trying them all (Pilate’s, Core Fusion, spinning, etc) I walked into a hot yoga class at Brickell Hot Yoga and was amazed at how good I felt after just one session. So, I decided to take my first 200 hour Teacher Training at Brickell Yoga. I dedicated 17 days to study this multi-dimensional discipline, practicing yoga 4-6 hours each day, eating a vegan (plant-based) diet and engaging in daily meditation. It was a complete mind-body transformation. My breathing slowed down, and my once Asthmatic Lungs became clear and strong. My whole body slimmed down and I became more toned and flexible. The final change was my nervous energy subsided and my mind became peaceful and relaxed.  I’ve never felt better in my life.

Completion of the 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training took my practice and teaching skills to the next level! Each day was exciting and challenging in the best way. It was the perfect balance of thought provoking, intellectual lectures and yoga asana practice. There are some people who are truly gifted speakers and Rae Indigo is one of them! Her delivery of information in her lectures is captivating, stern, humorous, and filled with analogies.

I have taken countless yoga classes, and Rae Indigo is the most advanced yoga teacher on so many levels. She has knowledge of yoga that is unparalleled. Being born into a family of yogi’s, she grew up with the teachings as second nature. She has an advanced capacity to lead a class and teach the many principles of the Energetic Systems of Yoga inspiring you to go beyond your comfort zone.

I am truly blessed to have learned from Rae thanks to her I have knowledge which I never would have had, humility of my inner strength, and a dedication which continues to surprise me. I have faced fears that I never thought I could overcome. I feel younger, healthier, and full of life; and it’s noticeable too, so many friends have commented on how healthy and happy I look and feel…Marcie Wingate

You Too Can Apply The Ultimate Beauty Treatment

Marvie Wingate

* Rae Indigo is truly inspirational and motivating in respect to initiating positive lifestyle changes. Her certified Yoga Teacher Training and private instruction have me feeling stronger and more balanced with the completion of each session. Rae has a gift for helping you learn, challenging your body and strengthening your resolve, all the while making you feel peaceful and at ease. I feel very comfortable and completely blessed while under her instruction. Her enthusiasm is contagious and her classes are balanced with a great knowledge of yoga, diet, nutrition and healthy living. Rae has an excellent teaching style and her instruction is always tailored to meet each individual student’s needs.

Their guidance throughout my transition to a plant-based diet has been invaluable, and combined with their recommended yoga sequences, my body and basic appearance has noticeably improved. Friends and family (even a few strangers) ask me all the time what I’m doing to look so healthy, beautiful and alive.

So thanks, Rae for all you are, and all you do for us. Whenever I leave one of your classes I feel as though I have “hit a reset button”, restoring my balance and sense of peace and tranquility, plus my body and mind feels fresh, radiant and rejuvenated…Natalia Paletskaia

You Too Can Apply The Ultimate Beauty Treatment

Natalia Paletskaia

* I got pregnant pretty quickly after completing the Teacher Training in Malta and this was the best thing that could have happened to me and my still unborn child. The intense physical training developed unknown strength and flexibility in my body. I was in the best shape of my life and that turned out to be an amazing starting point for the creation of life within.

The Rae Indigo healing sequences were absolutely priceless in assisting me throughout the months of immense physical changes and helped to limit the pains that come with carrying an unborn child. Practicing Yoga daily almost eliminated the common “side effects” of pregnancy (nausea, sleeplessness etc) and turned out to be extremely beneficial during the birth. It stays impossible to imagine giving birth without the learned and practiced focus on breath and deepened meditation, which helped me to move beyond and transcend the mind. Last but not least, I am entirely grateful for the awareness Rae shed on food and diet – nothing has ever transformed my life more towards a compassionate and healthy understanding of nutrition.

This Teacher Training helped me throughout the pregnancy and birth in such profound ways that I cannot help but advice every woman to consider absolving it before getting pregnant – regardless if she wants to become and teacher or not. It will strengthen mind, body and soul before and throughout pregnancy – of both mother and child, while at the same time create the mental and physical flexibility to deal with birth and the exhausting but also exciting time after that…Dara Meubrink

You Too Can Apply The Ultimate Beauty Treatment

Dara Meubrink

Check out Dara’s video…

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“It Pays for Itself” – How your Teacher Training pays for itself!

Many of our Teacher Training alumni have recovered their tuition charges with private Yoga lessons.

Our experience is that, based on only two private lessons a week (@ 100 USD per lesson) you’ll be able to recover the full tuition in 15 weeks, less than four months. Some alumni used their credit line and then settled their debt by teaching Yoga (we are exploring additional options to provide even more convenient payment plans in the near future). Of course if you teach more and/or add group classes, it adds up quickly. Booking two private lessons a week is simple; there’s a huge demand for people 40 and older to learn Yoga in a private setting, as they often have health problems (or suffer from embarrassment) that bar them from going to group classes, and yet they really want (and need) yoga to improve their health and overall sense of well-being. They love the convenience of you coming to them; they save the commute time and expense and can actually enjoy a 60 minute private session with all the additional benefits they wouldn’t receive in a group class.

We will also teach you how to market yourself and build your own private clientele base as part of your training in our Business 101 Module.  This might help you explain the value to your parents or anyone who may be concerned about your financial investments. This Teacher Training provides you with a skill set that is in high demand and allows you to set your own hours, work and travel arrangements, and be part of a rapidly growing worldwide community. Teaching Yoga totally rocks – you transform people’s lives while enriching your own.