Are You “Sold” on Organics?

16 November 2012

Make sure you’re not being “sold-out”!

If you are currently one of the growing numbers of those who go to great extremes in order to insure they’re eating healthy, organic food as much as possible (and practical) – BEWARE! You need to read the following report from Carolanne Wright (NaturalNews)…

Click on: The big sellout — Majority of organic companies owned by mega corporations

Greed and profits have now taken over much of the organic food production industry, with “Big Organic” joining “Big Ag” and “Big Pharma” as they compete for your dollars, rather than helping you find foods that insure optimal health and wellness.

The following quote is just one example of the deception that seems to be everywhere you look for some unadulterated, natural or healthy food:

”…as I was running late for a meeting I tried to find just one prepared food item that I would choose to eat from the hot food bar at Whole Foods Market last night. Everything offered was either dead animals, which are very un-hygienic to eat and a spiritually costly choice (Ahimsa), or GMO-laden dishes full of tofu (not organic) and other sordid attempts at pretend healthiness, much of which was smothered in dairy.”

I think we all were delighted to see healthy foods becoming more popular, but now it is becoming just another marketing ploy. If you want to eat energizing, life-giving foods you really need to research what you eat, and this goes way beyond reading labels; you need to know where your food comes from and, if possible, who grew it and under what conditions was it grown. If you don’t hold yourself accountable for truly understanding what you are actually putting your body, don’t expect anyone else to do it for you, your government certainly won’t do it, corporate farms and the biotech industries won’t do it; they actually want you to remain in the dark so that they won’t be threatened by you making intelligent, informed and responsible choices. You need to make up your mind; your body can a temple or a prison, and the biggest deciding factor? It’s Your daily choices.

Support your local and family farms; get to know the people you buy your food from. By supporting them, you will help them to resist the need to sell out to the corporate consolidations that are trying to drive them to bankruptcy.

We have to remain diligent and keep the demand for healthy foods increasing. On Jan. 21, 2010 a US Supreme Court decision overturned the legislative ban on corporate campaign financing. Government watchdogs allege that opening the floodgates to corporate dollars means that industry giants now have carte blanche to bankroll politicians who side with big ag and other corporate entities.

Where do we as consumers get to cast our vote? At the supermarket, the roadside stand and the family farm.

Moksha!!! Liberate yourself through education!

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