Yogic Techniques for Raising your Vibration and Expanding your Awareness

21 April 2015

Operating on a higher frequency makes us happier, stronger, more aware and more creative. By raising our vibrations we’ll make better decisions, we’ll be seeing clearly and with a broader perspective. When we are functioning at a higher vibration our cells have optimum capacity to work properly and heal themselves.

“Raising your vibration is a choice. You are the master of your own light. Within you lives this undeniable radiant beauty. Awaken to your gifts and share them as was intended.” ~Ananda Anahata

Over time by practicing yoga, physical ailments will be healed, deep seated emotional issues will be released (and will continue to release), and our hearts will be prompted to open fully. Yoga is the perfect catalyst to activate our spiritual awakening and to raise our vibration.

Yoga is more than physical poses (asanas); it’s actually is a complete way of life and a philosophy, but in many western cultures it has been mistakenly re-interpreted to mean only a form of exercise. By reading yoga texts, and with an extensive yoga teacher training course that includes learning yoga philosophy, you will come to have an understanding of what “yoga” (in its entirety) really means. It’s very beneficial to make various yoga techniques and philosophies part of our daily spiritual practice and integrate them into all aspects of our daily life. However, it is good to incorporate philosophies that are agreeable with our own self. This means, follow the heart with any philosophy and be careful about not following any specific approach dogmatically. Always follow your own inner guidance to discover what feels right for your path; listen to your heart!

Doing yoga poses (asanas) cultivates awareness of our body and awareness of everything in our life, physically and metaphysically. Many yoga techniques and practices that include asana raise your vibration and subsequently expand your awareness. Here are a few practical techniques:

  • • Asana (the poses) designed to open your body, release core tensions, and much, much more
  • • Ujjayi Pranayama is a breathing practice that can heals and transform our entire being
  • • Chanting, singing Sanskrit sutras or mantras
  • • Japa (mantra repetition), out loud or silently chanted within
  • • Meditation, simply stilling the mind and resting in the “witness consciousness”

Simply by adding just one of these yoga techniques or practices to your day, you may notice a significant difference in your life.

Try chanting in Sanskrit prior to meditation; chanting is a wonderful tool to prepare our being to go deep inside. “By chanting Sanskrit, you can put your whole body and mind into such a state of vibration that you begin to experience yourself as energy rather than as solid physical form.” – Vyaas Houston  (founder of the American Sanskrit Institute).

Start by listening to many different chants and soon you may discover it’s become your favorite music to listen to. You will soon be able to actually feel the power of the chants vibrating through your body and activating your chakras. Learn to practice yoga to these chants; a beautiful combined practice for going deep within yourself.

Raising our vibration results in living a more vibrant life, being ever more aware of ourselves and our environment (on all levels of being). Raising your vibration is cumulative; each day you become more aware, more vibrant, more alive! You live your life more open, have more joy, more peace, more love. Imagine living life fully with yoga as a way of life. Create what you imagine step-by-step, by adding in another practice whenever the time feels right.

Love, blessings, and Namaste!

Next: “The Effects of Spiritual Vibrations in the Home (vastu shastra)” So, check back soon…

Rae Indigo is ERYT 500

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