Our Vibratory Patterns – What They Mean (pt. 1)

5 April 2015

This article will be an introduction to a series of discussions examining the extensive world of vibrations; how and what they manifest, interact with each other and perhaps most of all, how they affect us as humans.

“Everything in Life is Vibration” – Albert Einstein

The universal law of nature states everything has its own vibration. Anyone who has taken a basic chemistry class probably remembers learning about atoms, and that everything is made up of atoms. These atoms are constantly in a state of motion and when the temperature increases, the speed of the atoms increases and depending on their speed, things will appear as a solid, liquid, or gas.

Although many things tend to convince us that they’re “solid,” there is no solidity to be found in the universe. Any form that appears solid is actually created by an underlying (or concealed) vibration. Even things that don’t appear as being solid have their source in vibrations; every sound is a vibration, as are all thoughts and feelings. All that manifests itself in everyone’s life is there because it matches the vibration from their thoughts and/or their feelings.

The Law of Vibration serves as the foundation for the Law of Attraction. To understand either of these laws it is crucial to know that everything is energy. Science, because of quantum physics, is now able to conclusively show us that everything in our universe is energy.

Beyond even the atom, down to a sub-atomic level, we do not find matter, but pure energy alone. Called by some this pure energy is known as the unified field and by others, the matrix. Still others refer to this field as pure potentiality; entirely comprised by energy

These universal laws also state that everything in the Universe is constantly moving and vibrating at one speed or another. Nothing is ever completely at rest. Everything you can observe all around you is vibrating at one frequency or another, including you. However, your frequency is quite different from other people and things in the universe and because of this it seems like you are separated from everything; people, animals, plants, trees, etc. But, in reality, you are not separated; instead you are living in an ocean of energy, as we all are.

The Law of Vibration is real. Even if you can’t see it, that doesn’t mean it’s not true. Many people live by the old adage, “seeing is believing;” which is probably why we don’t learn from history, thus realizing that something might be true even though we don’t (or can’t) see it.

That saying is deceptive, it should be the other way around; “believing – you will see.” Most people will choose to look at what they presently know based on what they can see. They rely too much on their five senses and are all too often not willing to keep an open mind. Hence, they are not willing to accept the basic fact that everything vibrates and that the law of vibration is real. It time for us to realize that we are vibrating sending instruments, transmitting our thoughts and feelings into the universe all the time.

People only rely on their 5 senses to tell them what their reality is; using their sensory level to establish their frame of knowledge based on the time in which we are living. But, our frame of knowledge should, and is, constantly changing since science is showing us “new” truths every day. Keep in mind that our frame of knowledge has been changing as long as we have lived on this planet. A good example is how science has shown us that the world is round when before we believed it was flat. So, it’s about time we realize that something may well be a reality even though we can’t verify it with our 5 senses.

Next: Continuing with “Our Vibratory Patterns – What They Mean (pt. 2),” so check back soon…

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Posted By: Charo

Thak you Rae, I love the thought: we are vibrating sending instruments transmiting our thoughts and feelings into the universe all the time.

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