Yoga for Improved Eyesight (Video)

21 April 2013

Due to this technological world in which we currently live, our eyes are routinely being overworked. TV and computer screens, driving, cell phones, fluorescent lights, CCFL, LED, and OLED lighting…all of these have one thing in common?  They are all stressful to the eyes. Get enough bad light, and you can go blind. And although this may surprise you, it isn’t breaking news.

We have become addicted to these technologies like moths to a flame, and we’re getting burned right now with minor, annoying stuff like dry eyes, blurry vision & headaches, even feeling tired; regardless whether you’ve had enough sleep or not. Additionally we may well end up suffering long-term, more serious problems that can lead to blindness.

As humans we are in a quandary, we need light in order to see, process data, do our jobs, and tend to an endless list of duties on a daily basis. Whether we’re inside or outside, we are usually surrounded by bad light (UV and HEV).

In addition to all the digital and artificial lighting we are also faced with overcoming various other eye-related problems, such as…Myopia (short sightedness) and Hypermetropia (long sightedness). It is now estimated that about 35 % of the world’s population suffers from Myopia and Hypermetropia in varying degrees. These disorders are usually overcome using prescription glasses and lenses to correct the refractive errors of the eye. However one needs to understand that glasses never cure bad eyesight. In fact, using powerful glasses can worsen eye problems by making the eyes dependent and thus weaker. Therefore, only use eyeglasses when absolutely necessary.

Yoga for Improved Eyesight

Other than a few diseases such as Cataract and Glaucoma which are generally the result of a bacterial infection, many eye disorders are related to the malfunctioning of the ocular muscles (and nerve) caused by chronic mental and emotional tensions. The yogic techniques that follow help to alleviate various disorders related to defects in the eye muscles like Myopia and Hypermetropia. Practicing these exercises regularly can go a long way in reviving the normal functioning of our eyes, and definite results can usually be seen in a month or two. Continued practice will also act as a preventative.

We all know, many of the yogic asanas (poses) and exercises are aimed at improving the functioning of specific organs of the body, so the eyes are no exception.

Take about 10 minutes and try the following simple yogic eye exercises (a more detailed practice follows in a video):   

    1. Start by rubbing your hands together vigorously to create a warmth in the palms.

    2. Next, place your warm palms gently over your eyes and hold them there for a few moments.  Take a few long, deep breaths.

    3. Look straight ahead.  Now do the following sequence: look up, look to the upper right, look to the right, look to the lower right, look down, look to the lower left, look left, look to the upper left, look up.  Repeat this sequence 2X

    4. Now reverse the sequence: look up, look to the upper left, look left, look to the lower left, look down, look to the lower right, look right, look to the upper right, look up.  Repeat this sequence 2X.

    5. Now do one slow circle with your eyes clockwise.  Look all the way up, to the right, down, and to the left.  Keep the eye movements’ fluid. Make two c

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