“Vibrational Healing”

20 April 2015

Vibrational Healing is the trend of the future for humans to overcome illness and disease and attain/maintain a state of optimal health. Technological advances are now beginning to provide a means that is sure to allow scientific testing to validate the positive effects of these natural vibratory forces. Energy centers including the entire energy field surrounding the body can now be seen using Kirlian and other special photographic equipment.

Vibrational Healing may be described as a process where vibrations are introduced or transferred into a human being’s physical and energy body. The vibrations which have become unbalanced in the physical or etheric/auric body can be adjusted to reach a state of equilibrium. This form of natural healing is based on the concept that illnesses or diseases in the physical and etheric/auric body are characterized by blockages and imbalances. These blockages and imbalances can cause cells, organs, bodily systems, and/or the energetic body itself to slow its vibratory state. When vibrations slow below a certain level disease (dis-ease) or illness is the result. The process of Vibrational Healing adjusts (resets) these unbalanced vibrations.

To experience health and wellbeing, an individual needs to reach a relatively high rate of vibration and sustain it. This vibration is fed in numerous ways, including positive thinking, feeling, believing, seeing, hearing, smelling, touching, eating, drinking, breathing, and any environmental conditions we expose ourselves to. Whenever an individual becomes sick or ill their rate of vibration lowers. As the rate of vibration drops the individual starts to become more and more susceptible to other negative energies and invaders and a self-perpetuating cycle of deteriorating health develops.

Many internal factors affect the rate of vibration of a human body. Every cell, organ and bodily system has its own unique vibration. Every emotion that we feel creates a separate vibration in our body; each thought we have produces a unique vibration; each color has its own vibration; every sound carries its own vibration; each smell has its own vibration.

Many external conditions and situations also affect the vibration of the human body. We are constantly bombarded with electromagnetic frequencies that can influence the vibratory rate of our physical and etheric bodies. Household appliances, television sets, cell phones, microwave ovens are all sending out these vibrations. Our Mother Earth is surrounded by various electromagnetic grids that will also affect our vibrations. Even underground water can, and often does, disrupt the healthy vibration of the human system without our sensing it. And finally, our homes, offices and private spaces can seriously affect our rate of vibration.

The relationship between our bodies, emotions, mind and spirit is not always apparent. Additionally, the mystery of the relationship of our Mother Earth and the much vaster Universe is also never ending. It’s truly amazing to realize that the human body is capable of automatically balancing the complex world of internal and external vibrations and finding its own state of equilibrium. A host of afflictions and diseases can occur when our vibrations become unbalanced and this equilibrium is disturbed.

Vibrational Healing is not some “new age” fad; it has been used for thousands of years throughout many ancient civilizations. Ancient Indian texts accurately describe the human energy systems. Yoga systems provide information and diagrams that not only detail where the main energy centers (chakras) are located but also, what part of the endocrine system each energy center works with and how imbalances in the energy center affect the physical, mental, and emotional state of the person. Specific vibrational tools, including breathing techniques (pranayama) and poses (asanas), are recommended for correcting imbalances depending on the particular energy center involved.

Ancient Egyptians have used sound and color for healing and many of their healing centers had special rooms devoted specifically to healing with color and sound. The Chinese have used acupuncture and acupressure, two other forms of Vibrational Healing, for centuries. In the U. S. today, acupuncture/acupressure are becoming common methods for dealing with illness. Reiki, another form of Vibrational Healing is being practiced by many energy practitioners throughout North America and Europe today. Homeopathy is yet another form of Vibrational Healing. Homeopathy uses the principle of “like cures like” and introduces minute amounts of certain substances at varying energy levels to activate the vital healing force inherent in the human body. A simple technique of the “laying on of hands” is another form of Vibrational Healing, imparting blessing, authority and healing since Biblical times. A simple form of “hands on healing” where an individual places their hands so that their vibration (which is stronger), is intentionally transferred to an individual who has been weakened or fatigued. These are only a few of the many examples of Vibrational Healing which work effectively.

With a bit of research and practice we can all learn how to raise our vibration in order to stay healthy and happy.

Next: “Yogic Techniques for Raising your Vibration and Expanding your Awareness.” So, check back soon…

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