Our Vibratory Patterns – What They Mean (pt. 3)

14 April 2015

Part 3 will be continuing this series of discussions examining the extensive world of vibrations; how and what they manifest, interact with each other and perhaps most of all, how they affect us as humans. To review Part 1, follow this link: https://www.raeindigo.com/our-vibratory-patterns-what-they-mean-pt-1/

Part 2: https://www.raeindigo.com/our-vibratory-patterns-what-they-mean-pt-2/

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”…Nikola Tesla

Shifting your vibration…Creating a temporary shift in your vibration is easier than you think. Such a change can be made in just a few seconds. Dance, jump around and/or move your body. Sing, chant or hum. Hold a smile for a minute or two. Assume a yoga asana (pose). Take a cold shower. Each and every one of these will change your state. However, this won’t create much of a lasting change and you will likely return to your old vibratory pattern afterwards. If your dominant pattern persists, your equilibrium won’t shift.

In order to shift your vibration and maintain the new vibration’s equilibrium, you need to break the habit of the old vibratory pattern. In other words you need to create a lasting disconnect between your current vibration and all the associated environmental vibrations that are compatible with it. There are basically two ways to accomplish this:

1. Shift your own vibration to one you can hold long enough to create a lasting disconnect with your current vibratory pattern. When you start transmitting a new vibration, you’ll find you can quickly repel whatever there is in your environment that is incompatible with your new signal. Simultaneously, you’ll also begin attracting new people, events, and experiences that are compatible with your new signal. Hold the new vibration long enough, and you’ll see your whole physical reality change all around you. You can begin to apply this approach by visualizing your goals as vividly as possible and holding that visualization for at least 20 minutes, repeating this every day. Visualize in such a way that you start to feel strong emotions arise. Whenever an emotional shift becomes stable, it indicates that you’re transmitting a new signal. The longer you can hold on to this new vibration, the faster your reality will shift.

2. Use the power of intention to replace as many of your environmental signals with new ones as you can. Then hold yourself in that newly created environment. This may feel uncomfortable initially because you probably won’t be compatible with those new signals. Give them time and allow them to recalibrate and reset your own vibration until you become completely compatible with them.

You can also apply a shift to your vibration by changing your environmental landscape; physically, socially, etc. For example, stop spending time with friends that are stuck or lazy, get rid of your TV, and start hanging regularly with the most productive, inspirational people you know. This may also feel uncomfortable at first, but with patience, you’ll be able to integrate those new signals, and your own vibratory pattern will soon shift and come into resonance with this new environment.

Summary of the above: You can either change the transmission you’re emitting, or you can change the signal “sea” you’re immersed in. Either one method can be very effective at creating a lasting change in your vibratory pattern.

Creating and manifesting your desires: To create what you really want in your life, you must shift your vibratory pattern so that you’re emitting a signal that’s vibrationally compatible with your goals and desires.

Identifying that new vibration can be done by vividly visualizing your goals until you feel a different emotion or emotions, and then work to stabilize those emotions at a certain point. Take note of how your vibrational inner being feels, not only emotionally but also energetically. Then you can return to your old state and observe the vibrational difference between the two states by comparing and contrast the old vibration with the new one.

Each vibration has a different energy “signature.” If I temporarily shift my default vibration to another state (by just imagining it’s real) then I can feel my vibrational self shifting its frequency too. If I hold that vibration long enough, I’ll soon find that my physical reality follows suit.

It should then be obvious that if you want to shift your vibration, it’s a not a good idea to consistently expose yourself to incompatible signals. The latest news on TV is a good example; it might be a perfect time to read a high-quality book or article instead.

Learning to sense, observe and control the vibrational frequencies you’re emitting is powerful stuff. Once you really get the hang of this, you can intentionally choose to shift your frequency at will to experience what you want to desire and manifest.

This is not to say that it’ll be easy for you to accomplish all of these things, especially in the beginning. It takes patience and practice to adjust your vibratory frequency correctly, so be patient with yourself. After all Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Next: “Our Vibratory Patterns – Vibrational Healing.” So come back soon!

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