Our Vibratory Patterns – What They Mean (pt. 2)

7 April 2015

Part 2 will be continuing this series of discussions examining the extensive world of vibrations; how and what they manifest, interact with each other and perhaps most of all, how they affect us as humans. To review Part 1, follow this link: https://www.raeindigo.com/our-vibratory-patterns-what-they-mean-pt-1/

“We live in an ocean of motion”… Bob Proctor

Each of our thoughts is on a certain vibratory frequency and therefore it is part of the entire “vibrating” universe. As each thought is sent out, the Law of Attraction is set in motion and this works because of the Law of Vibration attracts whatever we are sending out. In other words, positive thoughts (energies) attract positive energies and negative (thoughts) energies attract negative energies. Persistent thoughts enable to these two laws (vibration & attraction) to work their magic, which will tend to result in creating a situation or a manifestation depending on the nature, intensity and duration of that thought.

We are taught to think of ourselves simply as physicals beings inhabiting a physical universe. But, in truth, we are also energetic/vibratory beings in an energetic/vibratory universe. We are all simultaneously both transmitting and receiving energy. As human beings one of our greatest challenges is to learn how to live as a vibratory being in a vibratory universe. Part of this challenge is to learn to shift your vibration, and resist falling into the trap of conditioned vibratory patterns.

We have learned to live as physical bodies so we can learn to live as energetic/vibratory bodies as well. When we realize the energetic/vibratory aspects of ourselves we begin to witness ourselves as a transmitter of vibrations. We’re constantly sending out signals telling the universe just who we are (and what we are being) in this present moment. Other vibratory beings and events will either be attracted or repelled by the vibrations sent out by us.

Our energetic/vibratory self will naturally attract that which is in harmony with its current state of being, and it’ll repel that which is out of sync with that state. If we radiate wealth and abundance; our physical reality will begin to reflect wealth and abundance. Radiate anger and frustration and our physical reality will reflect that as well.

When the signals we’re sending out tend to be fairly complex, our experience of physical reality will be equally complex. We attract what we’re signaling, it’s that simple.

Once we can accept that our energetic/vibratory self will attract compatible patterns, it should become clear that if we want to experience something different in our life, we must find a way change the signals (transmissions) we’re sending out.

One thing we can do is to learn to listen to the vibratory “tone” of our thoughts. First it is good to quiet our minds and tune in to our inner being, this enables us to watch (witness) our thoughts and the constant noise or hum going on in our heads. What types of signals are being transmitted in this particular moment?

But remember, these are all thoughts, and the true signal being emitted isn’t exactly a thought. It’s a frequency generated by the thought. Our vibratory being and our environment will gradually adjust to a state of equilibrium over time. When we sense that our current life situation appears fairly stable, it’s safe to assume that we’re in a state equilibrium. If we continue to attract and surround ourselves with vibrations that reinforce our current state, then that state can be maintained indefinitely. Even if we stray from it for a while, we’ll find it easy to keep coming back to that state of equilibrium.

Next: Continuing with “Our Vibratory Patterns – What They Mean (pt. 3),” so check back soon…

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