Third Eye Meditation – Opening the 3rd Eye

21 December 2012

Can you imagine what your life would have been like if you had kept your eyelids shut since you were born? Your eyes would have worked perfectly but yet your sense of vision would have gone to waste. Similarly, not opening your 3rd eye is keeping you in the dark in relation to enjoying the wonders and wisdom of your sense of mystic or spiritual sight.

This can be likened to putting shutters on a window and keeping them closed. No light comes in and those on the inside can only imagine the marvels of all that exists outside of those shutters. Unfortunately, this really leaves us in the dark about what is real, who our true Self is and what life is really all about.

While attending a secret, esoteric school in Egypt, Pythagoras was given the following technique…


Pythagoras then traveled with this technique to Greece, and consequently he became the fountainhead, the primary source of all mysticism in the West. He is recognized by many to be the father of mysticism in the West.

Attention between the eyebrows – although relatively simple, this technique is very deep. When we try to mentally comprehend this, modern physiology and scientific research, points out that between the two eyebrows is a gland which is the most mysterious part of the body. This gland, the pineal gland, is the third eye of the Tibetans; Shivanetra (the eye of the Shiva), of tantra. Between the two eyes there exists a third eye, but it is impotent, non-functioning. It’s there, it has the ability to function any moment, but it does not normally function on its own. You need to do something about it, you have to open it. It’s not blind; it is simply closed.

Now, some notes on the technique used to open the third eye…

Close your eyes, (or keep them half-open/half-closed) and look upward – not forcibly crossing your eyes, but instead, converging them slightly. Then focus both of your eyes just in the middle of the two eyebrows. Focus attention just in the middle, as if you are looking with your two eyes. Give your total attention to it. This is actually one of the simplest methods of being attentive. You cannot be attentive to any other part of the body quite as easily. This pineal gland absorbs attention like a sponge. If you give attention to it, both your eyes become mesmerized with the third eye. They become transfixed; they cannot move. The third eye catches attention; it’s like a magnet for attention. Traditions all over the world have used this method. It is simple because with a little effort in trying to be attentive, the pineal gland itself helps you; it is magnetic. Your attention is brought to it and then that attention is absorbed.

It is said in the ancient tantric scriptures that attention is food for the third eye. It is hungry; it has been hungry for your whole life. And once you pay attention to it, it becomes awake. It becomes alive! The food is given to it in the form of attention. And once you know that attention is food, attracted by the gland itself – then it is not a difficult thing. One has only to know the right point. The important thing is to bring your attention to that area. Don’t try forcibly to bring your eyes to a focus, but gaze mentally towards that point, and let the spiritual eye draw you into itself. Remember at all times keep your eyes relaxed and your brow smooth. When it becomes difficult to move them, then know you have found the right point.

Being focused on the third eye, suddenly you become a witness. Through the third eye you become the witness and you can see thoughts running through the mind like clouds in the sky or people passing on the street. While focused in the third eye, suddenly you can observe the very essence of breath, not just the breath, but the very essence of breath, which is prana.

Pythagoras’ sutra says, “Let form fill with breath essence to the top of the head…” And when you come to feel the “essence” of breathing (prana), just imagine that your head is filled with it, simply imagine that. No need for any effort. When you are focused on the third eye center and then imagine it filling all the space in your head, the “shower of light” happens, then and there – a shower of light falling down from the top of your head. This shower can recreate you; it can give you a new birth.

This 3rd eye meditation technique has the potential to throw the shutters wide open, as well as provide you with wings to transport you to the infinite, eternal, universal divine reality that is your inherent birthright.

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Posted By: Volo

Very clear and inspiring! Om~

Posted By: MelB

Love this post Rae. You are the real deal and always have good stuff to share. I have been practicing this for the last few days and am loving the results! Thanks…

Posted By: Rae Indigo

That is great to hear, Mel!! This is a really effective method – no need to over-complicate this practice, just simply feed the attention to the third eye, and voila!!!

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