How to Use Thoughts to Vibrate at a Higher Level

12 May 2015

Anyone who’s interested in personal development really needs to learn how to constantly emit higher levels of thought vibration; although we can conveniently call it something else like “happiness”, “peace of mind,” or an “abundance consciousness” for example.

There are several techniques that we use to get our thinking back on track when we’ve fallen into low frequency thought patterns including; depression, sadness, negativity, anger and/or apathy. First step is to find out what works and then keep doing it.

To learn to think regularly at a higher level of frequency is hardly ever an overnight change, instead, it’s a case of gradual improvement combined with frequent practice. Notice when you feel blue or down and then address it by trying some of the following ideas to pick yourself up.

Fortunately, the more we’re able to practice these techniques, the more happiness and higher levels of thought vibration will be our natural state of being. All we have to do is choose to operate at a higher level, in fact, even thinking about thinking at the higher level tends to get you there, how about that for a nice little coincidence!

Here are 5 methods to practice:

  1. 1.Visualization: Visualization may well be the fastest way to operate at a higher level of thought vibration. Simply relax, shut your eyes, and actually visualize yourself being as happy, positive and friendly as you can possibly imagine. Take note of how you feel and what you can see, hear and smell. Notice what sort of thoughts are running through your mind. Observe how people respond to you when you’re feeling like this. Realize how good it makes you (and those around you) feel. Enjoy feeling like this! Practice this for a few minutes every day for three weeks and your self-image and thought patterns will change dramatically.
  1. 2.Meditation: Meditation helps you the step out of the frantic, fast paced throes of modern life, and enables you to take time for quiet reflection, peace of mind and total relaxation. Naturally, this automatically helps you to raise your level of vibration.
  1. 3.Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP): NLP is loaded with tools to help you feel better about yourself and subsequently it can help you to increase your thought vibration accordingly.
  1. 4.Acceptance and the “Now” Presence: A powerful spiritual way of increasing your thought vibration is to practice being present in the present moment, and to learn to accept whatever comes across your path, as it comes across your path, without reacting to it. When you can get the hang of this, it may be far more powerful and transformative than the other options.
  1. 5.Gratitude: Gratitude is the 5th tip for raising your level of thought frequency. By being grateful for what you already have in your life you will establish a powerful practice and it will have an extraordinary effect on your thought vibration. Close your eyes and review all that’s good in your life, and really dive deep into the feelings of thanks. You’ll be amazed at how “win-win” this simple (but grossly overlooked) technique is!

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