How to Raise Your Personal Vibration

4 May 2015

Modern science has concluded that everything that exists in the universe is made of vibration” – Hiroshi Doi-sensei…

Raising our vibration is an extremely effective way to insure we’re living a balanced and happy life It’s also a way to send positive energy out into the universe. Whenever we emit a lower vibration (or frequency), we block ourselves from truly arriving at the harmony and balance that’s necessary to experience a more peaceful and happy life. It is easy to observe how a life of discord/dissonance facilitates a lower vibratory energy, and sense its negative manifestation in today’s world.

It does take a bit of work however to raise our personal vibrations, so a consistent effort is required both to raise and to maintain these vibrations. The following tips have proven useful in the effort to raise our vibration.

Being mindful of our thoughts

It is vital to keep a close eye on the habitual negative thoughts and tendencies that arise. In the beginning it can be difficult to be aware of the seemingly endless thoughts that constantly bombard our minds all day long, but by noticing unwelcome or negative thoughts we can then start to replace them with a positive thought. We can introduce positive thoughts in our mind, thoughts that we know will make us happy, ones that we can substitute for any negative thoughts that comes into our mind.  The key here is to spend as much time as possible thinking positive thoughts, leaving less time to think negative thoughts. When we spend more time engaged in balanced, positive and rational thoughts our vibration level will be raised.

Always think before you speak

Thinking before speaking can be quite challenging for a lot of people. For instance, if you’re looking for a new relationship, resist saying things like “I’ll never find the right person for me.” If you talk like this, this is exactly what you will attract. You will likely get just what you say and think. By changing your words you’ll increase your chances to change your life in a positive way.

Beware of negative, ungrounded individuals

These types of people are running on a very low vibration level, and their low vibration can have an adverse impact on your vibration level if you allow it. Remember, a person’s bio-energy field (aka, aura) can extend out several feet from them. If you feel that another’s energy may have a negative effect on you and you can’t distance yourself from them, imagine being surrounded and protected by white light.

Spend time daily practicing meditation

Take a walk in the woods or through a nature center, away from the city and the noise. Find a place in the country and take a long walk, concentrating on the surroundings, keeping your mind off your usual thoughts. This is a great way to clear your head and subsequently raise your vibration. If you can’t get away, try listening to some relaxing music or ambient sounds and concentrate on the sounds.

Become aware of your thoughts, words and actions

Everything we do will come back to us in some way so it’s good to always be wary of how we treat others and how we act in different situations. How we treat others usually determines how we will be treated and by doing right by everyone we come into contact with will naturally help to raise our vibration prompting others to do the right thing by us. Treating everyone compassionately will attract positive people and provide many positive opportunities in our life.

Avoid TV, radio and media in general

It’s especially important to avoid most news programs because they often do much more harm to your vibratory level than good. When watching TV we end up taking in so much negative energy and it becomes confusing to our subconscious mind and some of that negative imagery and energy gets absorbed by your subconscious, triggering a feeling of fear from within. Most of the mainstream media relies on fear mongering, they want to shock you into a state of fear so you keep on watching and the more you watch, the more addicted you become. This can have a disastrous impact on your vibratory level.

Strive to remain as optimistic and as rational as possible

This can be difficult to do especially whenever a crisis arises, but when we are in a crisis situation, this is when it’s most important to stay positive. By remaining positive and rational, we’ll keep our vibration high, and when we are vibrating at a higher rate our challenges will be reduced much quicker or we may even find it wasn’t really a problem at all. Positive people, things and events are attracted to positive people. Surrounding ourselves with positive, sensible and rational people is a great way to arrive at (and maintain) a healthy state of mind.

Keep in close touch with your feelings/emotions

Feelings and emotions are our cosmic connection in regards to our entire life and the well-being of the planet. The universe understands the language of feelings and emotions. When we are feeling good about ourselves things residing on the same level of frequency will be the only things attracted into our lives. Our level of vibration runs parallel with our feelings, meaning we are in control of our life and the events that come into our life at any given moment. If there is one important point in relation to raising your vibration it would be to stay on top of your feelings.

Summary: Our personal vibration could be the one factor holding us back from a life of abundance, happiness and success. When we discover how to raise it, we can finally start living from the vibration of love, peace and joy.

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